TechnologyApril 8, 2020by admin_rwbgroupWhy Does Underground Mapping Matter? The Facts Behind It.

Underground mapping is a very important process of discovering problems underground that can’t be seen with the naked eye, this technology guides us to the problem with accurate information and special tools being used in the process

What is underground mapping

Underground utility mapping is a method of defining the underground location and labelling. Such mains can provide telephone cables, electricity power, natural gas, water sources and drainage pipes. Many areas are also in demand for underground space, with large oil and pipe networks, national networks of defence communication, rail and road tunnels.

Additionally, underground utility mapping refers to the detection and identification of the buried pipes and cables. Dealing with problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye, requiring special tools and techniques to complete these strenuous tasks.

Why this matters

This matter because around 4 million excavations are carried out on the UK road network each year to repair damages and install buried utility pipes and cables. Failure to know where buried assets are creates issues of functional nature that raise costs and postpone projects, but above all raises the likelihood that public agencies, contractors and street users will suffer harm.

Conflicts and relocations of existing infrastructure are the most significant source of project delays during road construction.


The benefits of underground mapping are allowing real-time access, configuring simultaneous analyse and display information from multiple sensors and devices. Underground mapping allows accurate information collection, processing, forecasting, and collective intelligence. Ultimately, underground mapping enhances responsiveness of information gathered.

Another benefit could be saving money as underground mapping provides efficiency which results in cost reduction; also allowing field staff to retrieve information from the centralised database from the remote location.


Project preparation will be minimised considerably to mitigate damage and save time if all services are monitored before any under-surface activities are identified. A Service Mapping Survey should allow you to focus on your project and ensure that no unexpected activity occurs, both environmental and health laws means that you and your staff meet best practise.

For the staff, the neighbours and the public to mitigate their risk before any scooping work. The opportunity to test the built-in details and verify that services were laid to specification.

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