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What Is Hydro Excavation?

We work with companies operating in commercial and industrial sectors such as oil and gas. Our solution is an accurate and non-destructive way to excavate earth, making it a popular choice for locating buried utilities. The process is highly efficient and safer compared to its mechanical alternatives.


Hydro excavation is a low-risk solution for connecting businesses to subsurface utilities and is often chosen to install or uncover utilities such as lines, cables, and pipes. Once the soil is broken up, we use a vacuum or air conveyance to move the debris or dirt into a transportation tank on a truck for disposal.


You should select hydro excavation for hard to excavate situations, such as when the ground is frozen. In this scenario, we use heated water to get the job done quickly. Further hydro excavation applications include pole and sign installation, potholing, daylighting, slot trenching, and snow removal.


With the system removing a lot of material in a short amount of time, it has an advantage over air vacuum excavation. It is the perfect tool for jobs where you might need a lot of deep test holes or during the rehabilitation of sewers and drains where you wish to reduce the risk of further damaging or perforating pipes that are being repaired.


The Hydro Excavation Process

The equipment we use for hydro excavation combines an air vacuum with high-pressure water that cuts through the earth and soil, breaking it up. This results in a slurry formation, which we can then vacuum and remove from the dig area.

There is a choice of vacuum equipment for different jobs. We use one set of equipment for removing soil quickly in large amounts and a different set of equipment for removing dirt over longer distances.


The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

There are many benefits to choosing hydro excavation, including:

An efficient, accurate, and safe excavation methodology
Reduces the amount of traffic in the excavation area
Reduces the number of workforce injuries and accidents
Improves your company’s profitability
Reduces the expense of repairs and remedial work
Makes the life of contractors and labourers easier
A cheap and effective solution for digging in remote locations

Hydro Excavation is the number one solution for industrial excavation where you desire. Better safety and damage control. The low disturbance levels mean that digging does not disturb the surrounding soil, which remains strong and compact, creating a safer working environment for your workers.


Hydro Excavation Services

Our qualified and highly competent operators will ensure your excavation work is carried out safely. Please get in touch today for a site consultation or to find out more about our hydro excavation services.

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