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We have an expert team of water approved underground Installer & repair engineers.

Experts in Water Main Replacement across the UK

Trenchless installations & replacement of water pipes, cables, & ducting.

RWB Group UK is a leading water mains specialist providing water-related solutions to rail infrastructures, retail parks, schools, offices, industrial estates, and other commercial projects in a safe and effective way with minimal requirement for digging.

Additional Water Services:

Auger Boring
Pipe Bursting
Lead Pipe Replacement
Water Pipe Repairs
Mains Laying

Why is Water Pipe Repair & Replacement so Important?

When water pipes burst, property gets damaged, and, in some cases, lead to significant health hazards such as cholera and other ailments.

If you have noticed a water issue and are experiencing problems, it’s recommended to speak to an expert water repair specialist at RWB Group who can carry out a simple leak detection in order to accurately identify problems. If issues are left unresolved, they could result in costly repairs in the future and compromise public safety.

Prevent significant damages to your property infrastructure

Accurately identify potential problems with your water pipes

Maintain public safety around your premises

Effective water pipe repairs and replacements with no-dig technology

01Get a quote for your leaks on your water supply pipe

If you suspect there is a leak with your water pipes, our water pipe repair & renewal specialists will carry out comprehensive leak detection services in order to identify potential faults or leaks. We’ll then make our expert recommendations on the next steps.

02Benefit from tailored lead water pipe repair for better flow and pressure

We provide water pipe repair and maintenance services that are tailored to your project. Using trenchless technology, we carry out safe and effective repairs, replacements, or installations of water pipes, with minimal disruption.

03Receive comprehensive reports and recommendations for maintenance

Once we have carried out the necessary pipe repairs, our water engineers will make tailored recommendations and advice on how to manage your water systems so that you can prevent significant problems from occurring in the future.


Effective Water Mains Solutions

RWB Group UK provides the highest level of service for commercial clients and projects with our innovative water mains solutions.
Image of a burst water pipe.

Water leak location and pipe repair specialist

The first step is to understand the conditions of your water pipes and identify if there are leaks or problems.

We always begin with the foundations and that’s where our leak detection services are deployed.

Our expert team of water mains engineers will carry out thorough leak detection services in order to find any weak points in your pipes and if there are leaks present. Once the survey has been completed, we’ll compile a comprehensive report detailing the conditions of your pipes and any recommended remediation actions.

Sometimes, there can be minor leaks in the water pipes which will only require pipe repairs. Other times, leaks can be more severe, such as old buildings with older infrastructure like lead pipes. In these instances, lead pipe replacements may be necessary in order to maintain the structural integrity of your pipes and prevent significant problems from arising in the future.

Why Choose RWB Group?

We invest in the latest trenchless technology, moling equipment, and training our staff to the highest level to deliver innovative water services.

RWB Group is fully accredited to industry standards. As a company that focuses on safety and quality, maintaining good communication is one of our core principles and we have built strong relationships with our clients because of this. Whether you have a small or large commercial project that requires water mains services, RWB Group is ready to provide solutions.

Our range of water services includes impact moling, leak detections, directional drilling, pipe bursting, lead pipe replacements, pipe repairs, mains laying, and electro and buttfusion.

Constructionline Gold
Acclaim Health & Safety
UVDB Achilles

Contact RWB Group UK for Water Pipe Repair, Replacement & Installation

As an ISO, OHSAS, RISQS accredited company, we adhere to all of the industry standards, legislation, and safety regulations to ensure the safety of our staff and the quality of our services. With years of experience in providing expert water mains services, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients in commercial and industrial sectors and have built up a vast portfolio of projects and contracts.

To discuss water pipe repairs or replacements with our support team, please contact our national telephone number on 0800 488 0658 or you can send us an enquiry here.