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We Achieve Excellent Results with No Excavation & Minimal Disruption.

At RWB, we offer CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) lining and patch lining services to address your pipeline repair and maintenance needs. Our innovative solutions are designed to provide long-lasting and cost-effective solutions for pipeline rehabilitation.

The CIPP pipe lining process involves installing a resin impregnated pipe liner into the existing pipe. The liner is made from a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) material, and once inserted, the liner is pressurised and cured using UV light, steam, or hot water. The material cures quickly and becomes more robust than the original pipeline, restoring the interior of the pipe back to full working order.

The CIPP pipe liner is fed into the damaged section from an opening and fixes in place with a tight fit. The result is strong, tough, and durable, with a low cross-section loss of as little as five percent. This small cross-section loss is essential for maintaining flow capacity.

Prolong the Life Of Pipework

Over time, drainage pipes, culverts and sewer pipes degrade and can become damaged. When this occurs, they no longer perform effectively or handle the task for which they were designed for. Advanced technology allows our engineers to carry out pipe lining, UV-CIPP pipe lining, drain relining and patch lining repairs. These methods are often the best choice to repair the damaged pipework without the need for excavation.

Businesses know all too well how expensive it is to dig trenches to replace the pipeline. If you have been looking for an alternative that is convenient, less expensive, and will extend the installation’s life, then relining will strengthen and repair your culverts, sewers, drains, and pipelines.

UV pipe lining is a solution available to commercial businesses, industrial plants, and local authorities. It is used extensively for fixing gas, chemical, and sewer pipes, as well as piped watercourses. One of its most significant advantages is an excellent result with no excavation and minimal disruption.

CIPP pipe lining (cured-in-place pipe) is a remedial method for repairing existing culvert and sewer pipes pipe lines. It is a pipe within a pipe solution that is seamless and jointless. This relining technique is suitable for refurbishing pipes of a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and profiles. It is widely recognised as a tried and tested solution that restores the structural integrity of the pipeline.

The Advantages of CIPP Pipe Lining

CIPP pipe lining and drain relining has many advantages and is suitable for pipes damaged by tree roots or ground movement. The liner effortlessly fixes cracks and fractures as well as leaking or misaligned joints.

No trench work or extensive digging

Minimal downtime and disturbance to business operations or traffic

No disruption when relining pipe work buried under motorways and dual carriageways

A robust solution that is flexible enough to handle future natural ground movement

The liner is resistant to high temperatures and a broad spectrum of corrosive chemicals

Vastly increases the lifespan of your pipeline

A unique texture improves flow efficiency

Significantly less costly compared to traditional pipe repair methods

A smaller carbon footprint

RWB Group UK has extensive experience in CIPP pipe lining and repair. Our service maximises results with minimal intervention, cost, and resources. If your pipes are deteriorating, get in touch with our team to arrange an inspection and consultation.


Whether you need CIPP pipe lining or patch lining services, RWB is your trusted partner for reliable and efficient pipeline solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain the integrity of your pipeline infrastructure.

Benefits of Drain Lining

Cost-effective: Drain lining eliminates the need for costly excavations and pipe replacements, reducing overall repair expenses.

Minimal disruption: Unlike traditional repair methods, drain lining requires minimal excavation, which means less disruption to your property and landscaping.

Time-saving: Drain lining can be completed quickly, minimizing the time you have to spend dealing with drain issues and allowing you to resume your daily activities without delay.

Prevents future damage: The new lining material creates a durable and protective layer, reducing the risk of further damage caused by corrosion, tree root invasion, or wear and tear.

Improved drainage performance: By sealing cracks and leaks, drain lining restores the optimal flow capacity of drains, ensuring efficient water and waste removal.

When is Drain Lining Required?

Drain lining is suitable for a variety of drainage issues, including:

Cracked or damaged pipes: If your drains have cracks, fractures, or other structural damage, drain lining can provide a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Root intrusion: Tree roots are a common cause of blocked drain and damage. Drain lining can prevent root intrusion and restore proper drainage.

Corroded pipes: Over time, drainage pipes can become corroded, leading to leaks and reduced functionality. Drain lining eliminates corrosion-related problems.

Drain misalignment: Misaligned or displaced drains can result in poor drainage and blockages. Drain lining can realign and reinforce the pipes, improving their performance.

At RWB Group, our experienced technicians are trained in CIPP pipe lining, drain lining techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise and reliable results.

We conduct a thorough inspection of your drainage pipe to identify any damage or blockages before recommending the most suitable drain lining solution.

What is No-Dig Technology?

No-dig technology is a form of CIPP pipe lining, drain lining or patch lining used to repair small and large sections of damaged or deteriorating drains without the need for extensive excavation or replacement of the pipe.

It involves inserting a new lining material into the existing drain, creating a seamless, protective layer that covers any cracks, leaks, or weaknesses.

CIPP pipe lining, patch lining, and Drain lining is a cost-effective and efficient method that minimizes disruption to your property while providing long-lasting results.

The guarantee of this product is 25 years from the manufacturer. The lining material has a life expectancy of over 50 years, if installed correctly.

A CCTV survey is carried out on completion of all relining work. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing that the lining product has been installed correctly without and defects or twists.

Get In Touch For CIPP pipe lining, Drain Lining & Drain Repairs Services.