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Utility Mapping for Drains, Sewers and Water Infrastructure

RWB Group offer a comprehensive utility mapping and topographic surveys plus data collection services tailored for drains, sewers, and water infrastructure. Our experienced GPS and GIS team utilizes many utility mapping technology and industry expertise to provide accurate and reliable mapping solutions.

Whether you need to identify underground utilities, assess drainage systems, or map water infrastructure, we have the tools and knowledge to meet your needs.

Utility Detection and Mapping: Using advanced ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic locating equipment, we accurately detect and map underground drains, sewers, and water pipelines.

Sewer System Mapping: Our team conducts thorough surveys of sewer systems to identify pipe locations, depths, and conditions, helping municipalities and utilities optimize maintenance and rehabilitation efforts.

Water Infrastructure Mapping: We map water supply networks, including pipes, valves, and hydrants, to improve asset management, enhance system resilience, and ensure efficient water distribution.

Stormwater Drainage Mapping: Our expertise extends to mapping stormwater drainage systems, identifying catchment areas, inlets, and outfalls to support effective stormwater management and flood risk mitigation.

GIS Integration: We provide seamless integration of mapping data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), enabling you to visualize, analyze, and manage utility information effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Accuracy and Precision: We prioritize accuracy in our mapping services, ensuring reliable data for informed decision-making.

Experience and Expertise: Our team comprises skilled professionals with extensive experience in utility mapping for various infrastructure systems.

Efficiency and Timeliness: We deliver efficient mapping solutions within agreed timelines, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Customized Solutions: We customize our services to align with your unique requirements, delivering personalized solutions that cater to your utility mapping needs.

GPS-GIS Mapping Services

Construction, telecom, and utility companies rely heavily on geographical data, and our GIS (geographical information system) mapping service provides the accurate data you need.

Our data collection and underground surveying service can be leveraged for small rural and mid to large-size urban electric, gas, sewage, water, and telecommunications projects. We allow you to securely put the same authoritative geographical data in the hands of field operatives and office workers. By working in unison, your teams will be able to reduce errors, save money, boost productivity, make informed decisions, and meet deadlines.

With efficient project design and asset management, you will aid support operations by promoting spatial awareness of their surrounding area. This context and understanding are essential, whether you are responding to a natural disaster or performing an inspection.

Our GPR scanning and GIS mapping service will document vital underground assets, allowing your teams to view and track trends and eliminate or reduce your use of outdated paper and system maps. With digital transformation, your workforce will be able to make data-driven decisions to improve productivity, coordinate their daily workflows, and, most crucially, work safe

Benefits of Utility Surveys

At RWB Group, we are committed to delivering reliable and efficient GPS mapping services for drains and sewers.

Accurate and detailed mapping of drain and sewer networks.

Improved asset identification and data management.

Proactive maintenance and reduced downtime.

Enhanced decision-making through data analysis.

Cost-effective asset management and maintenance planning.

Minimized risk of failures and emergency situations.

Utility Mapping Services Offered

Drain and Sewer Mapping: Utilizing GPS utility mapping technology for detailed network maps.

Asset Identification and Data Collection: Advanced surveying for asset management.

Condition Assessment and Inspections: Thorough inspections for maintenance.

GIS Integration: Streamlining data management with Geographic Information Systems.

Topographical Surveys: Essential for creating detailed maps of an area and planning purposes.

Asset Management and Maintenance Planning: Comprehensive solutions for optimal performance.

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey:  Our GPR scanning services provide pin point accuracy on subsurface infrastructure.

Data Analysis and Reporting: In-depth analysis for informed decision-making.

Our GPS Mapping Process

Site Survey: Identifying drain characteristics using GPS, GPR & GNSS.

Data Collection: Precise measurements for detailed mapping.

Mapping and Documentation: Digital maps creation for analysis.

Report Generation: Comprehensive reports for maintenance recommendations.

Integration with GIS: Enhancing analysis capabilities for decision-making.


Industries We Serve

Our GPS Utility mapping services for drains and sewers cater to various industries, including:

Architects and Surveyors

Municipalities, Engineering Firms

Property Developers, Facility Management

Construction and Development Projects

Environmental and Highway Agencies

Choosing a reliable GPS drain mapping service provider is key to ensuring accurate mapping and ongoing support.

Our experts analyse the mapping data, identify trends, and provide actionable recommendations for improving system performance.

Our comprehensive utility mapping reports assist in long-term planning and decision-making processes.

Reach out to us to discuss your utility mapping requirements and schedule a service appointment.