The UK Must Review Drainage Designs

The UK Authorities must evaluate drainage design methods in reply to an upsurge in weather unpredictability. 

Investors in all levels of construction must realise the increasing hazards that come about by ancient drainage infrastructure, poor maintenance schedules and erratic weather patterns.

The recent downpours this country has experienced and the increased temperatures (2019 was the third-warmest year to date) has put a huge strain on the drainage industry. Forecasters are expecting that heatwaves could be a regular occurrence each year.

Water Management specialists are demanding that all parties in the water management industry factor in for enlarged likelihood of climate change, as well as increased funding for maintenance procedures.

According to some water management agencies, the effect of flooding is worsened by non-existent maintenance being performed on the drains. Inspections are crucial to the performance and function of the channels, these inspections should be at recurrent intervals, depending on the location of the channel.

Online tools are important in drainage design, such as: hydraulic design software. This gives designers and engineers the opportunity to plan ahead and recognise the environmental tests that might confront ahead of a construction-phase of a project.

Numerous water management systems have been active for many years now and they’re not constructed to have the ability to be adaptive to the recent unpredictable weather we have experienced.

Surface water drainage systems are crafted to be able to handle storms that occur once in thirty years; this is the issue because of the amalgamation of a small system and extremely poor maintenance leading to a higher risk of flooding.

These online tools are effective because they have the capability to integrate with Google Maps, which allows the designers to pinpoint the location of the site and then monitor the rainfall intensity. They also have the ability to examine their maintenance agenda using the incorporated resilience feature.

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