The Importance of Rail and Track Maintenance

In the UK, there are more than 20,000 miles of track, nearly 6,000 level crossings, 30,000 bridges and viaducts and at the last count 2,500 stations. Many of the tunnels, viaducts and bridges were built when Queen Victoria was on the throne, so to maintain the daily upkeep of an old network requires a monumental effort.

RWB Group is helping to ensure that every component of our rail infrastructure, such as the tracks, platforms, bridges, fences, level crossings, surrounding areas, signals and power supplies is in good working order to guarantee a safe and efficient track for both passengers and freight.

With the tendency of the rails to suffer damage over time due to inclement weather, increasingly high speeds of the trains and the heavyweight that they carry maintenance of both rail and track is essential. Without it, trains would travel much slower in order to reduce the possibility of injury to passengers and damage to the freight.

In the past swathes of workers would be needed to undertake this work. They would visually inspect and manually change heavy, damaged rails and layout the ballast and coal. Today thanks in no small part to the latest technology, such as mechanical tamping and ultrasonic HI –Rail machines, things are done quicker and more effectively with small crews. We can now, for instance, see the tiniest of fractures within the rails that would be impossible to see with just the naked eye.

If rail and track maintenance isn’t carried out regularly, these small fractures would eventually deteriorate and cause untold damage to both passengers and freight.


The Benefits of Track Maintenance

In order to ensure a modern and effective rail service and to provide passengers with a safe and comfortable experience tracks have to be continually monitored and maintained.

Wear and tear, constant vibration and the vagaries of the country’s climate present a real challenge to both the network and its contractors. Regular track maintenance will prolong the life of an old track and rolling stock, reduce fuel consumption and avoid costly delays, disruptions and closures such as those experienced by unfortunate passengers last year on Southern Rail.

At RWB Group UK, our aim is to keep public rail tracks clear and safe for operation. Our drive is to ensure that both passengers and freight trains are able to travel safely and smoothly, and we achieve this by offering innovative solutions for maintaining rails and minimising disruption. One of the rail services that RWB Group is known for, is fence construction and maintenance. We deliver fence construction services to the rail industry, serving both public and private rail systems.

Our services include:

  • Installing high-quality perimeter fencing at railway stations and on the trackside.
  • Helping guide staff and passengers away from the dangers of moving trains.
  • Checking and maintaining the conditions of the fencing.

When we carry out our fence construction services, we always consider the geographical layout of the infrastructure in order to avoid issues. We carry out inspection assessments and surveys to determine whether there are problems that need to be addressed. The reason we do this is to help decision-makers to understand the conditions and state of their premise.

With our services, we like to plan and schedule the work so that any remedial work will minimise disruption and downtime. Our immaculate planning procedures work to reduce lifecycle costs, facilitate accurate budgeting, and also reduce network risk.


Fence Construction Services for the Rail Industry

As a RISQS verified supplier for the rail industry, RWB Group UK provides a range of essential services to support the public and private railway networks. Our fence construction and maintenance services enable train stations and trackside areas to remain safe, operational, and compliant.

In addition to our fencing services, we also provide geotechnical and surveying services and we can conduct ground stabilisation. In situations where fencing needs to be erected over unstable ground or existing sewage systems, our services can help.


Security Fencing

One of the main areas that train stations need to consider, is the safety of passengers and staff. RWB Group can install tall security fences that provide effective visual and physical deterrents to potential trespassers and criminals. Security fencing is an effective preventative measure that not only deters trespassers but also helps to reduce the chances of fly-tipping and vandalism. Secure fencing can also help protect track infrastructure by keeping wildlife out of the railways and also opportunist thieves looking to steal metal cables and other materials from the tracks.

Installing security fencing on your railway helps to safeguard your rail infrastructure and it also means that the costs of replacements operational expenses, and expensive downtime can be reduced.

An example of where security fencing can be useful is when pet owners bring their pets onto the railway area. Sometimes, people may not recognise the dangers of railways and there are often countryside trails or woodland areas that pass over train tracks. Secure fencing along the railway means that wildlife can be kept out of the high-speed area, such as sheep, horses, deer, and cattle. Another good use of fencing is to stop any rocks and gravel from falling onto the track where there is a steep bank parallel to the track.

Our fence construction services include replacing or removing sections of the fencing in order to allow for scheduled night access for engineers that deal with track maintenance.


Fence Maintenance

Alongside our fence construction services, RWB Group UK has a team of fence maintenance engineers who can help keep your fences in top conditions. Our experts carry out regular fence inspections and assessments in order to determine the structural integrity and operational performance of the fences.

As part of our comprehensive track maintenance services, we can also arrange for regular rubbish, debris, and vegetation clearance to help keep your railway systems clear. We can also identify and repair damaged sections of the fences.

In scenarios where there are high noise levels, such as railway stations, acoustic fencing is an innovative solution that helps to reduce the level of noise. If a railway is located nearby a residential area or a commercial establishment, acoustic fencing can be installed to control the level of sounds to minimise the impact on the surrounding areas.

At RWB Group, we’re proud of our top-of-the-line inspection and maintenance services. Carried out by experienced and fully qualified rail technicians, our team has the knowledge and tools to help your railway systems remain operational and in top conditions. We’ve worked with all types of tracks and rail infrastructures, so we are very familiar with all aspects of the rail industry.

Health and safety remain to be our top commitment to our workers, contractors, passengers, and staff. Our focus is on helping to prevent accidents and delays in the rail sector and we have a passion for helping rail systems to continue operating efficiently and smoothly today and in the future.


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