DevelopmentMarch 31, 2021by admin_rwbgroupThe Importance of a CCTV Pipeline Survey

The drains and sewers beneath your property and land often get overlooked or neglected which increases the likelihood of serious issues developing. Whether it’s a build-up of foreign substances or tree root intrusions, it’s important that the drainage network is well-maintained so that everything remains free-flowing.

For commercial premises and industrial estates, in particular, knowing the conditions and locations of your assets pipe networks should be a priority. Businesses and manufacturers cannot afford downtime, especially if the disruption is caused by major issues such as structural damage and leaking pipes due to a blocked drain. It’s important to have the correct underground drainage system in place so that your business can operate safely and without disruption.

With a pipeline survey, you can determine whether there are any misconfigurations or potential issues. In order to prevent these issues from occurring and to achieve a greater understanding of the locations and conditions of your assets, a CCTV pipeline survey should be incorporated as part of your periodic property maintenance.


How Can CCTV Pipeline Surveys Prevent Problems?

CCTV surveys utilise new technology which enables drains, sewers, and pipes to be thoroughly inspected without the need for excavation. Traditionally, some sort of excavation would be required in order to enter hard-to-access areas. For businesses, this is a major benefit as it’s a non-intrusive procedure and there will be little to no disruption.

The aim of a CCTV survey is to spot defects or problems with your pipes that could pose a potential risk if left unresolved. Based on the comprehensive surveying data, recommendations for remedial actions can then be made in order to resolve any issues. By taking regular precautionary investigations with CCTV surveys, your business can stay on top of any potential drainage issues and you’ll be aware of the conditions at all times.

In addition, if your commercial premise is planning an extension or building work, knowing the exact location of your underground services will help prevent conflicts with pipes. There have been many instances where property developers are discovering that commercial and industrial sites do not have up-to-date reports of the conditions and locations of their pipes which makes it difficult to carry out building works.


How Can We Help Commercial Premises & Industrial Estates?

At RWB Group UK, we have a vision and a focus. We understand that there are other companies like us and that is why we go the extra mile for our clients. But what makes us stand out from the rest is that we remain at the forefront of the drainage industry by not only investing in the latest technology to fulfil our duties to the highest standards and efficiencies but also investing in our staff. We pride ourselves on our level of health and safety and staff competency which is why we have built strong relationships and trust with major companies across the UK. This is further reinforced by our extensive range of widely recognised accreditations and certifications that qualify us as a class-leading company with the highest standards.

In addition to our level of expertise and experience, we have heavily invested in the latest CCTV pipeline surveying equipment which enables us to ensure a consistent quality of surveys for all types of properties and land. We understand that this is a specialised industry and that errors need to be minimised in order to meet our customer’s expectations, which is why we invest in technology. We ensure that our engineers have the correct equipment to produce high-quality pipework surveys.

With our surveys, you can avoid costly and disruptive excavations when investigating your pipes. Once our engineers have completed the survey, we then produce comprehensive reports which we will analyse and come up with the most appropriate remediation recommendations.


How will you benefit from our CCTV Pipeline Surveys?

  • Knowledge – We deliver comprehensive survey reports that provide all of the important information that your developer or architect requires.
  • Understanding – Our CCTV surveys provide reliable information that can help you understand the location and conditions of your assets and pipeworks.
  • Data & Information – Utilising the latest surveying equipment, we can survey pipelines of all sizes whilst also ensuring a consistent quality of data, no matter the size.
  • Informed Decisions – When you have a greater understanding of your underground assets, you can be more confident in your decision making. Whether you’re planning a commercial property extension or are planning to move into a new industrial premise, our survey data can help you.


Contact RWB Group UK for CCTV Surveys

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