RWB utility surveying capabilities sit within our broader scope and provides the accurate data you need.

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RWB Specialise in location and mapping of underground utilities, providing an accurate and detailed plan of all detectable underground services

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Make informed decisions for your project by gaining a greater understanding of the locations, conditions, and directions of your underground services.

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Our technicians are here to help you gather vital information about the underground services for your project.

02Assess the conditions of your underground services.

In addition to our comprehensive data gathering, our utility and mapping services can identify the conditions and state of your underground services.

03Make informed decisions based on accurate diagnosis.

Using the latest surveying and mapping technology, our extensive reports provide in-depth data that helps you to make decisions for your project.


We invest in the latest surveying and mapping equipment.

RWB Group heavily invests in advanced equipment in order to deliver innovative surveying and mapping services for building contractors, architects, and developers.
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Our AutoCADteam use the latest AutoCAD software provide PDF, 2D and 3D.

we plot, map, digitise, and visualise the captured data through our computer-aided drawing service.

RWB Group has years of experience helping companies and utility suppliers locate and map the depth and alignment of subsurface utility lines, cables, and pipes. Once the geographical field-work data is obtained by our team of surveyors, we plot, map, digitise, and visualise the captured data through our computer-aided drawing service.

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RWB Specialise in location and mapping of underground utilities, providing an accurate and detailed plan of all detectable underground services. Utility mapping surveys provide critical information on below-ground conditions.

Pinpointing the exact location of utilities is vital when planning and undertaking both design and construction work. Underground Utility Mapping and Topographical Surveys by RWB Group UK provide a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure above and below ground.

RWB Group UK is a fully accredited company with unrivaled expertise and experience in providing a comprehensive range of essential utility services to clients in all types of sectors and industries. Our work supports these sectors in continuously moving forward and paving the future for relevant infrastructures.

RWB Group’s mapping team uses various techniques to carry out underground surveys these techniques and equipment support us in locating sewers, culverts, underground streams, and much more and record drainage sewer networks back to the connection point through the public main sewer or with the point of outfall allowing us to trace a single line or to scanning and mapping entire site.

We can even offer you professional utility GNSS, GIS,  GPS, Sonar surveys. These techniques and equipment support us in locating all known pipes, services, cable runs, and identifying unexpected void areas.

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