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Septic Tank Install & Emptying Cesspit Tank

RWB Group is an expert in maintaining sewage systems that include septic tanks and cesspit tanks. These are large holding containers for your wastewater and can be found connected to homes, offices, workshops, or large commercial businesses that are off mains drainage.

We carry out septic tank emptying and cleaning for households and businesses, removing the waste, and transporting it to a licensed treatment facility. We use a fleet of trucks of different sizes to efficiently empty your septic tank or cesspit, even if you are located in a rural area that is off the beaten path.

We quickly empty the tank using a vacuumed hose that forces the waste into the tank on our vehicle. We can also clean the tank with a high-pressure water jet, ensuring the highest safety and hygiene standards are maintained. We are fully licensed and offer the best service around.

Our qualified technicians will safely complete the job without disrupting your activities or the surrounding properties and gardens. Your tank’s emptying frequency will depend on the tank’s size and the number of people using the premises, but every six months is a typical recommendation.

The Differences Between a Septic Tank and a Cesspit

A cesspit is a sealed tank that holds but does not treat household wastewater. Cesspits are often found connected to holiday homes or wherever there is irregular use and no mains service. Cesspit tanks are also installed in locations where the ground is unstable.

A septic tank usually consists of two settling chambers and is effectively a solids and liquids separation system. Solids settle in the first chamber while liquids flow over into the second chamber. Further settling occurs while water soaks away into the surrounding earth and soil, which traps and eliminates impurities.

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The Importance of Septic & Cesspit Tank Emptying


Cesspits need to be emptied frequently, and septic tanks need to be de-sludged, a process that removes sludge and solid matter.

Failure to empty the septic tank or cesspit on a frequent basis can result in several problems that you will want to avoid.

The tank may crack and leak, polluting the surrounding ground and environment and create foul smells outside your home or business.

Sinks, toilets, and showers might drain slowly, causing blockages and a back-up of waste and water.

If tanks are damaged, solids can enter soak away and cause damage to them, escalating the problem. Failure to empty the tank can also cause sewage to flow into watercourses, causing scum or sludge to float on their surface.

Signs that your septic tank needs emptying include extra vegetation growth around the tank and water pooling in their location. We recommend you arrange a regular tank emptying arrangement with RWB Group to avoid expensive repairs.

If damage has already occurred, we can help you with the necessary maintenance and repairs to bring the septic tank back into service.

If you are living or working off-grid, contact our team today for a quote and a price based on your tank’s location and capacity.

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