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RWB Group UK Signs Armed Forces Covenant

We are proud to announce that RWB Group UK has signed the armed forces covenant to pledge our appreciation, support, and respect for the armed forces community. This pledge is part of our commitment to being a responsible organisation and supporting the local communities that we operate in.

The armed forces covenant is a pledge by businesses to show their respect and support for the armed forces community. This includes important commitments like providing employment opportunities, discounting products and services, and supporting veteran-owned businesses.

The covenant was introduced in 2011 and the main goal of the covenant is to ensure that those who serve and have served in the armed forces are not disadvantaged by their decision to do so. It covers a wide range of areas, including employment, education, housing, and healthcare.

By signing the armed forces covenant, companies, businesses, and organisations can show support for the fantastic armed forces community and make a difference to the lives of those who have served our country.

One of the key points of the covenant includes commitments to employment. The government has also made a pledge to support the armed forces community who are seeking work and give them priority for certain jobs.

At RWB Group, we pledge to promote that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation and we will support employees who choose to volunteer or join the armed forces. Our commitment also means supporting employment opportunities for those who have served, their partners, and their spouses, providing them with favourable employment terms in support.

It’s important that we made our pledge as we wanted to show our appreciation for those who have served our country and that we’re committed to helping them make the transition back into their civilian life easier.