RWB Group UK Invests In Insurance Claims Handling and Repairs Division

At RWB Group UK, we have heavily invested in our insurance claims handling and repairs division in order to provide an all-in-one service that insurance companies, loss adjusters, brokers and policyholders can all rely on. Our nationwide claims handling service is available 24/7 and we also provide responsive repair services that cover all aspects of property damage.

As a result of our investments, our claims handling and repairs now cover a broader range of services, including water damage, drainage investigations, drain repairs, subsidence damage, leak detection, and more.

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Drain Repairs & Investigations

Drainage remains to be one of the core services that RWB Group offers. Over the years, we have developed our drainage services by improving our processes, continuously training our staff, and investing in the latest and most efficient equipment which makes our drain repair and investigation services reliable, top-quality, and effective.

If you have a drainage issue that has caused damage to your property, our drainage engineers will carry out comprehensive drainage investigations in order to determine whether you are able to make a claim for the property damage. Once a valid claim can be made, our engineers will be able to undertake all drainage remediation work necessary.


Water Damage & Leak Detection

In situations where there has been property damage as a result of a water leak or burst pipe, RWB Group UK provides assistance for making insurance claims and any remediation work needed.

Utilising the latest equipment and proven processes, we can carry out site investigations with minimal disruptions in order to detect and identify any leakages in the underground water pipes. Once the site has been investigated and the cause of the issue has been determined, we can then carry out remedial works to isolate and repair the affected pipes.

At RWB Group UK, we pride ourselves on our intricate methodologies and expertise of our engineers. We use techniques that eliminate the need for digging and excavation.


Property & Subsidence Damage

As we have heavily invested into the many divisions at RWB Group UK, we can take on all aspects of property damage repairs. Whether you’ve experience roof damage, electrical circuit failure, subsidence, or ground movement as a result of storms and floods, we have a team of experienced specialists on hand that can carry out all of the necessary remediation work in the case of a successful claim. Our experts can handle all types of claim repairs relating to property, structural, and ground damages.

If there is unwanted movement in building structures or the ground, this could have a significant impact on the structural integrity of the property and its foundations. With a highly-trained team of repair specialists, we provide effective solutions that effectively remediate these problems.


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For insurers, loss adjusters, brokers, and policyholders who are looking for an experienced company that can handle all of their insurance claims and repairs, RWB Group UK offers 24/7 support and can provide assistance with all types of property damage claims.

If you’d like to discuss your claims requirements with our experts, get in touch with us on 0800 488 0658 or you can send an enquiry here.