RWB Group PLC Successfully Completes 13 Projects in Staffordshire

RWB Group PLC, an established Utility, Drainage, Surveying, Wastewater Solutions specialist, has recently announced the successful completion of 13 substantial projects at several locations across Staffordshire. These projects were completed for the award-winning civil engineering and building company.

RWB Group PLC’s commercial survey team was entrusted to perform comprehensive manhole surveys, which included all property, lateral connections, traps, gullies, chambers, and drains present within the property.

These surveys were carried out with meticulous precision and accuracy, ensuring the client received all necessary information regarding manhole dimensions, co-ordinates, and cover levels, in addition to the orientation, level, and diameter of the incoming and outgoing pipes.

Upon completion of the survey, RWB Group PLC offered a comprehensive diagnostic report inclusive of photographs showcasing the inside of each chamber and its corresponding location above ground. A dye trace survey was also conducted between the chambers to ascertain their connectivity.

The information was delivered in a comprehensive report and utility map, showing the direction flow, not only in the form of asset cards but also in a detailed utility map. The completion of this project demonstrates the team’s unwavering commitment to delivering detailed and accurate results that adhere to the highest industry standards.

As a part of the project, full traffic management was duly installed due to the location of the manholes on highways and road gullies. This installation further affirms RWB Group’s commitment to safety and its ability to tackle complex engineering projects.


RWB engineers on site.


To commemorate this achievement, Ben Wyatt, the National Operations Manager of RWB Group PLC, added, “We are immensely proud of the RWB Group PLC team for successfully completing these 13 projects in Staffordshire. Our team’s commitment, hard work, and expertise have been key to achieving this milestone.

This accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive and specialist civil engineering services to our clients. We look forward to undertaking more such challenging projects in the future.”

The successful execution of these projects underlines RWB Group PLC’s dedication to providing unparalleled drainage, wastewater, and environmental solutions and its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. The company is set to continue its legacy of excellence and maintaining high industry standards in the coming years.


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