RWB Group PLC Champions Equality: Empowering Women in the Drainage Industry

RWB Group PLC, an established drainage, wastewater, and utility survey specialist, is making waves with its commitment to gender equality in the workplace. The company is proud to support women not just in the drainage industry, but also in other industries we work in, such as wastewater, surveying, and civil, by actively promoting diversity and inclusion in all its operations.

Recognising the traditionally male-dominated nature of the industry, RWB Group PLC is taking progressive strides to address this imbalance and foster an inclusive environment within the twelve companies in the PLC group. The company encourages the participation of women at all levels, from entry-level positions to leadership roles and has implemented several initiatives aimed at promoting gender diversity.

Driving this change is a robust internal program that actively encourages women to rise through the ranks within the organization. RWB Group PLC is committed to ensuring that women have equal opportunities for growth and development, with measures in place to ensure a fair and unbiased progression pipeline.

As part of this commitment, the company provides mentoring and development programs specifically designed to equip women with the necessary skills to excel in the drainage industry. These programs provide targeted training and education, along with networking opportunities, with the intention of creating an empowering environment that nurtures female talent.

Moreover, RWB Group PLC is committed to addressing the gender pay gap, ensuring equal pay for equal work regardless of gender. The company’s compensation policy is transparent and fair, contributing to an environment where women can thrive and succeed.



The company has also recently hosted a series of workshops aimed at promoting a culture of respect and understanding, ensuring that each employee, regardless of gender, feels valued, heard, and respected. These workshops were widely applauded by the staff for their positive impact on the work environment.

“We’re passionate about promoting gender equality in the drainage industry,” says Ben Wyatt, National Operations Manager of RWB Group PLC. “We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace is not only a moral necessity but also drives innovation and improves our service delivery. We’re immensely proud of the steps we’ve taken to foster this culture of equality, and we will continue to do so because diversity is integral to our success.”

By actively promoting gender equality and supporting women in the drainage industry, RWB Group PLC is leading the way for other companies and setting a new standard for the industry. This is a testament to the company’s continued commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equal workplace.