RWB Brand

RWB Group Brand

The terms brand and branding first came about when cowboys branded their boss’s logo on to their cattle to depict ownership. Today, hundreds of years later, at RWB Group we proudly display our logo on our engineers’ winter body warmers, their hard hats and uniforms, but we know that the RWB brand and branding is about much more than that.

We believe it’s about how people feel emotionally about our service-our product – and our people. In other words, it’s about how we are perceived by our existing and potential new clients, and in today’s world perception is reality.

Some people may think that branding is just about a logo, or a clever tag line on a piece of advertising. These are all part of branding and are important, but the RWB brand stands for much more than that. The RWB brand is about a clear and consistent proposition. It’s about how customers perceive the delivery of our service and our USP- unique selling proposition- which is contracts delivered to client requirements.

We don’t spend £000s on advertising and PR campaigns. Instead we rely on word of mouth and the satisfaction of our clients, which is growing day by day. We are always proud of a job well done, no matter how big or small. With the recent investment in the latest CCTV technology and the ongoing training of an already highly qualified workforce we know that the RWB Group brand will remain at the forefront of our industry for years to come.