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Our Culvert Cleaning – Quality Inspection & Rehabilitation

Many culverts across the UK are in a state of disrepair, reducing their effectiveness of moving water away from vital infrastructure and buildings. A culvert cleaning inspection and rehabilitation work will bring your culvert back into effective operation, ensuring surface water flows away to reduce flooding risks caused by blockages while also checking the structural integrity of your culvert. We work with local authorities, commercial, agricultural, and industrial businesses, utility companies, and motorway maintenance firms. We perform regular maintenance on culverts that protect pathways, run under motorways, run parallel to or through road embankments, and railway lines.

  • Prevent expensive future repair work
  • Protect premises, roads, and railways
  • Prevent flooding and environmental damage


Regular culvert inspections are the key to preventing expensive future repair work. It makes good sense to stay ahead of any issues that might cause pipe decay, alignment changes, deterioration in stone or masonry, and shape deformations in large plastic pipes.


Culvert Cleaning – Inspection

We are experts in safely inspecting culverts and large piping of any diameter. We will assess the risks to each section to recommend an appropriate inspection timetable. We provide cleaning, inspections, and reviews:


  • At regular intervals
  • After extreme storm events and heavy rainfall


The intention of culvert cleaning is to identify any build-up of sediment. If water flow is reduced by even one fifth, there is a risk of flooding that can cause environmental damage and damage to infrastructure, domestic dwellings, and commercial buildings.

The culvert inspection will identify and pinpoint the location of any material that is causing a build-up. When viable, we conduct manned inspections or CCTV inspections with robotic cameras mounted on mobile inspection vehicles or flotation devices.

We use the advanced system to collect data that is accurate. Video footage is recorded and relayed in high-resolution, wirelessly to internet-connected devices. Our bespoke reports are easy to understand and identify corrosion in metal culverts, abrasive wear caused by flow forces and steep gradients, coating loss, and perforations. We will also assess joint tightness and highlight deflection and shape changes caused by the effects of undermining.


Culvert Rehabilitation

Culvert rehabilitation may include a combination of cleaning, repair work, and relining. RWB Group provides a tailored solution for removing clogging materials such as debris, sand, rubbish, mud, soil, weeds, leaves, and branches. Our cleaning process utilises high-powered water jetting technology that breaks down silt and hardened materials. The waste is vacuumed out of the culvert system to prevent blockages downstream.

We also repair wall cracks, joint separations caused by erosion, and damage caused by trees and bushes’ roots. We can reline and repair drains, sewers, and vertical piping using techniques that often don’t involve digging up and replacing damaged segments. This solution improves structural adequacy, is less expensive, and avoids disruption to commercial activities and transportation.


Culvert Cleaning

Contact RWB Group today to arrange a consultation on culvert inspection, cleaning, and rehabilitation. Get in Touch with us call us on 0800 488 0658 or alternatively fill out our contact form for a quotation.