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Off Road Drainage Services

RWB Group has established itself as a leading provider of off road water jetting services across the United Kingdom, thanks to its specialized off road water jetting equipment fleet and highly trained personnel. The company can access and service in even the most remote and rugged terrains across the UK.

RWB Group has a fleet of custom-built off road water jetting and jet vac trucks equipped with high-pressure water jets and industrial strength vacuums pumps. These specialized trucks can navigate rough unpaved roads, steep grades, and uneven terrain to access in rural areas and wilderness across the UK. The powerful water jets dislodge debris, while the vacuums suck up all the waste material.

For CCTV inspections, RWB Group uses customized crawl trucks with articulating arms that can enter and thoroughly inspect the interiors of drainage systems. The truck-mounted camera system provides a detailed view of the conditions to identify any faults or needed repairs. GPS mapping allows precise documentation of all inspected systems.

The company also has all-terrain utility vehicles and portable jet vacs that can clean and maintain systems in the most remote locations across the UK. RWB Group technicians are extensively trained to operate the complex off road equipment and provide essential water jetting services.

By leveraging its nationwide off road water jetting fleet and expertise, RWB Group provides comprehensive high pressure water jetting services across the UK. The company is equipped to rapidly respond and remediate any sewer pipe or a drain blockages that pose a flooding risk. RWB Group’s remote High Pressure Sewer Jetting and hydro jetting capabilities enable critical infrastructure protection across the United Kingdom.

Water Jetting Cleaning & Inspection

Nationwide Need

The UK, as a region with varying landscape topologies and a considerable amount of annual rainfall, necessitates efficient water management systems. Culverts, serving as critical components of this system, are required ubiquitously — from rural areas to urban cityscapes. By offering water jetting services nationwide, RWB Group UK meets a broad, far-reaching demand.

Technical Expertise and Experience

The experience and technical expertise that they’ve acquired over the years enable them to effectively address diverse situations and requirements. This versatility is crucial when operating on a nationwide scale, as the topographical and architectural variations across regions can drastically affect the design and installation.

Broad Network and Resources

RWB Group UK has established a broad network of resources and personnel that allows them to work efficiently across the country. This robust network is supported by a fleet of cutting-edge off road water jetting equipment and a team of highly skilled, certified professionals. These resources enable RWB Group UK to offer its services nationwide and maintain its standards of quality and efficiency.

Consistent Quality and Compliance

Offering its off road water jetting services nationwide, RWB Group UK ensures that regardless of the location, the standards of construction and safety are met effectively. They adhere to Health and Safety Regulations and Environment Agency guidelines, guaranteeing their clients peace of mind in every project.

Applications for Off Road Water Jetting Services

Off road water jetting is a highly effective method utilized for reaching hard-to-access areas in rural land, beach lines, and railway crossings. This innovative technique involves the use of specialized water jetting equipment that can navigate through rough terrains and challenging environments with ease.

Rural Areas

In rural areas, where conventional vehicles may struggle to reach remote locations, off road water jetting provides a practical solution for maintaining essential infrastructure such as water pipelines, drainage systems, and irrigation channels.

The high-pressure water jets are capable of clearing blockages, removing debris, and cleaning surfaces efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted flow and optimal functionality.

Beach Lines

On beach lines, where sand and saltwater can accumulate and cause corrosion and blockages, off road water jetting proves to be a valuable asset in keeping the coastline safe and well-maintained.

By utilizing water jets to dislodge sand deposits, clear drainage systems, and clean critical infrastructure along the beach, coastal authorities can preserve the natural beauty of the shoreline while enhancing its resilience against erosion and environmental damage.

Moreover, the precision and power of water jetting technology enable operators to target specific areas without causing disturbance to sensitive ecosystems or wildlife habitats.

Rail Crossings

In railway crossings, where tracks and drainage systems are prone to debris build-up and contamination, off-road water jetting plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of train operations.

By using water jets to clear obstructions, unclog drainage channels, and remove hazardous materials from railway tracks, maintenance crews can prevent potential accidents, delays, and infrastructure damage.

The versatility of off-road water jetting equipment allows operators to access tight spaces, uneven terrains, and hard-to-reach areas along railway crossings, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of the rail network.

If you require professional off-road cleaning and inspection services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer your questions, provide detailed information, and schedule a consultation.

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