Large Supermarket fined £7,500 for Polluting River

Asda, the supermarket leaders, have been fined £7,500 because of one their branches in Northern Ireland have been polluting a River in County Antrim.

The retail giant recently has pleaded guilty to a diesel spill at its store in Ballyclare, this resulted in fuel getting into the Six Mile Water River located nearby County Antrim.


This horrific incident occurred in February 2019 when the red diesel spilt out from a delivery yard at the back of its Ballyclare store.

Diesel leaked from a huge generator finding itself into the drainage channel which streamed into the Six Mile Water River.

The supermarket urgently got in contact with the environmental agency who immediately responded using booms to reduce the spillage flowing further down the river and the staff from the supermarket used contractors to start carrying out the clean-up.


The historic river is an important source for various types of fish including salmon and trout, this could have a devastating effect on the wildlife habituating in the river.

It flows into Lough Neagh which is a protected site and houses 40% of Northern Irelands drinking water.


Swiftly after the incident, Asda stated ‘’ We work hard to help protect the local environments in which we operate and take our responsibilities very seriously.’’

“We are sorry for any upset or inconvenience this has caused.”

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