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Highway surveys and drainage investigation services. With our expertise in providing comprehensive and integrated solutions, we are your one-stop choice for your highway drainage and surveying needs.

Comprehensive expertise in DDMS-compliant investigation services, including topographic, GIS, GPS, GPR, Asset Condition Surveys, Utility Mapping, Highway surveys, and drainage investigation services.

Choose us as your one-stop solution for integrated and specialized solutions tailored to your highway drainage and surveying requirements.

Highway Surveys & Drainage Services

We understand that efficient drainage is crucial to the longevity and safety of road networks. We offer comprehensive solutions for highway drainage, from initial design and installation to maintenance and repair.

Our highway surveys & drainage services include:

Design and planning of highway drainage systems

Installation and maintenance of drainage infrastructure

Flood risk assessment and management

Surface water drainage solutions

Emergency drainage repair and maintenance

We use state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to ensure our highway drainage systems are reliable and effective. Our team are highly skilled, fully certified, and committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

Highway Surveys Services

RWB Group provides a wide range of surveying services designed to deliver accurate data for engineering and construction projects. We combine innovative technologies with traditional surveying methods to provide precise and reliable results.

Our highway surveys include:

Drone Survey

Topographic Surveys

Highway and Roadway Surveys

Utility Surveys & DDMS Survey

Environmental Impact Surveys

GIS Data Collection and Analysis

Our surveying team members are well-versed in the latest tools and techniques, including GPS, laser scanning, 3D modeling and drone survey technologies. We are committed to providing accurate and timely data to support your project requirements.

Drainage Data Management System Surveys

RWB Group — Experts in Highway Surveys, Drainage & Water Infrastructure Investigations. Our DDMS (Drainage Data Management System) Surveys, previously known as HADDMS, are crucial procedures for detecting potential issues in sewage systems. Performed using high-tech equipment like remote CCTV survey robots, these surveys allow for inspection of hard-to-reach areas and real-time evaluation of the conditions.

RWB Group PLC offers comprehensive DDMS surveys, including CCTV pipework surveys, geometric pipework analysis using laser profiling technology, and utility mapping. Regular drain inspections are necessary to prevent costly future repairs resulting from blockages, piping damage, or flooding in the sewage system.

RWB Group uses state-of-the-art technology tools like Ground Penetrating Radar and CCTV robots to deliver optimal results, even in restricted spaces. Book a DDMS survey today to prevent the significant problems a failed drainage system can cause.

As we invest in the latest technology, our DDMS and DIM services provide in-depth and accurate data about your drainage systems.

DDMS Surveys, previously known as HADDMS, offers a suite of inspection services. We specialize in the detailed assessment of pipework and chambers through CCTV surveys, evaluation of asset condition and connectivity, as well as pipework geometry analysis utilizing laser profiling technology.

Our comprehensive investigations into the drainage and highway systems equip both our field operatives and clients with critical insights to pinpoint any imperfections.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and custom-developed solutions, DDMS Surveys executes these evaluations under the protocols CS551 and CD535, ensuring precision and quality in every survey conducted by our dedicated teams

Find out which services are right for you by looking at our areas of expertise below:

CCTV Pipework Surveys

Asset Condition and Connectivity Survey

Smart Drainage Information Management

Geometric Pipework Surveys with Laser Profilers

Manhole Laser Scanning and Drone Survey

A Image OF A highway Inspection

The benefits of getting your drainage system surveyed by our team at RWB Group.

Receive accurate and vital information

Prevent expensive future repairs

Deliver comprehensive reports

Access to an established team of surveying professionals

Address potential drainage issues early on

DDMS Surveys Nationwide

Expertise in DDMS-compliant investigation services: topographic, GIS, GPS, GPR, Asset Condition Surveys, Utility Mapping.