Highway Maintenance

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Why is Highway Maintenance So Important?

Highways are heavily relied upon not only by tourists and people traveling around the country, but also as trade and supplier routes.

If a major highway were to stop functioning or need to implement reduced capacity in order to slow down the damage, there are areas of the country that may struggle to import the goods they need to keep their occupants happy and potentially leading to shortages of essential goods.

In order to keep a highway functioning, regular maintenance and upkeep is a priority (especially after periods of heavy rain, extreme weather, or a period of frequent usage) meaning any issues can be dealt with before they are given the chance to escalate into an inconvenience.

Essential Maintenance for the UK’s Highways and Public Roads

We are specialists in dealing with highway maintenance across all different types of roads and have amassed a great deal of experience within the road maintenance sector.

Highways serve to connect the nation; they allow people to freely travel from one side of the country to the other in a quick and practical way. Due to the steady flow of cars, lorries, and other large vehicles constantly making use of the highway, it can start to quickly show signs of wear and this is where RWB Group comes in.

Additional Services:

  • Civil Works & Maintenance
  • Tree & Scrub Clearance
  • Civil Works & Maintenance
  • Fence Construction
  • Utility Mapping
  • Jet Vac Tanker Services
  • Drainage & CCTV
  • DDMS survey
  • Gully Cleaning Services
  • GIS & GPR Mapping
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
Image of the A41 and South West Birmingham motorway.

How Do We Maintain Highways?

Image of highway traffic cones.

The first step is to understand the conditions of the highway drainage systems, we deploy our DDMS survey engineers.

In order to understand the work that needs to be done, we would first employ our surveying services. Through surveying, we deduce any areas of the road which way may have structural weaknesses or parts of the road which may be liable to blockages with the potential of leading to flooding. There may be a variety of issues that could pose safety risks for the public highway including blocked culverts, potholes, misconnected drainage pipes, construction work, and more.

Our Process

Get a quote for your highway maintenance project

Get a quote from our expert team and arrange for a friendly meeting with one of our Highway Maintenance surveying specialists to get a better idea of our process.

Benefit from tailored maintenance solutions that suits your needs

We provide bespoke maintenance services that are tailored to the needs of your project. Our team carries out surveys on the highway drainage system, looking for any issues or potential areas of weakness.

Receive comprehensive reports and recommendations for remediations

Once we have carried out the initial CCTV surveys and have compiled a comprehensive report, our highway engineers will make expert recommendations for remedial actions and advice on how to manage the systems.

Why Choose RWB Group UK?

Our specialist team at RWB Group is very familiar and experienced with the highway maintenance sector priding themselves on delivering bespoke solutions based on the client’s own needs. We have built closely-knit relationships with clients from a range of different sectors and businesses.

Our passion for delivering high-quality services stems from our belief that maintaining and nurturing these relationships is what’s most important. This is what makes us unique as a company and as a team.


Contact RWB Group UK for Highway Maintenance

RWB Group UK is an ISO, OHSAS, RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) accredited company. We were established in 2010 and have built an extensive portfolio of ongoing highway and road maintenance contracts and satisfied customers. We adhere to all industry standards, compliance laws, and safety regulations.

To discuss highway maintenance with our support team, please contact our national telephone number on 0800 488 0658 or you can send us an enquiry here.