Gulley Cleaning

We respond to flooding incidents and help prevent disruptions to the public road.

Road and Highway Gullies

Road and highway gullies are different in that they are often concealed with a metal grate and are designed to eliminate standing, or excess water and to retain any debris-such as litter, mud, leaves and silts, to prevent them from entering the drainage system causing pipe blockages and flooding. The water that is collected is then discharged into drains, ditches, or sewers. In this way, gullies play an important role in ensuring that our roads are safe to drive on and are not covered in surface water after a heavy downpour.

If the road or highway gully becomes blocked and water is allowed to accumulate, it can result in unpleasant odours, and the risk of cars aquaplaning, making it potentially dangerous for both drivers and passengers. Additionally, excess water on the roads leads to greater braking and stopping distances for lorries and cars and can make it difficult for pedestrians to negotiate. In the worst-case scenario, a flooded road can become impassable and consequently closed.

The Importance of Road and Highway Gully Maintenance

With climate change, the risk of flooding is increasing with every year that passes and with record levels of rainfall, the need for cleaning and maintaining road and highway gullies has become ever more important.

For nearly ten years one of the country’s leading drainage companies, RWB Group, has been helping local authorities and companies working on the roads to make sure that road and highway gullies are always in good working order.

As a major player in the drainage and wastewater management sector, RWB Group is ideally placed to cope with road and highway flooding incidents, using state of the art technology to clean blocked gullies and minimise any disruption.

Image of a road gully filled full of solid mud.

Specialist Gully Cleaning Services

There can be a variety of reasons as to why your gully system may start to fail. It could be due to wear and tear, an accumulation of foreign substances or in some cases, extreme weather like heavy rainfall.  No matter if it’s a one-off emergency or part of an annual maintenance program RWB Group has an array of specialist equipment as well as recycling and combination jet tankers to handle the cleaning and clearing of any gully whilst ensuring that all waste and debris is disposed of in accordance with current legislation and industry best practice.

RWB Group UK can undertake road and highway gulley maintenance projects of any size. We can also carry out gully unblocking for residential and commercial properties

Our Gully Cleaning Processes

1. If you suspect there is an issue with your gulley system and there are signs of a blockage being present, get in touch with our engineers. We’ll investigate the issue and come up with a tailored remediation solution to resolve the problem.

2. In the event of an emergency where there is flooding due to a gully problem, our engineers will swiftly respond and be on hand to resolve the issue with minimal disruption.

3. At RWB Group UK, we use the latest gully cleaning equipment so that our engineers can provide a high-quality service that thoroughly cleans the gullies. Depending on the issue with the gully, we can employ various methods of cleaning. Whether that’s using our gully cleaning tankers or drain jetting to remove blockages.

Keeping the public and private roads safe and functioning correctly is our top priority.

In order to avoid the possibilities of disruption to roads and highways due to gully problems, local highway authorities have a duty to keep roadside gullies clear and in good working order. These gullies need to be regularly cleaned and cleared of any leaves, debris or silt in order to reduce the potential of flooding, particularly after heavy rainfall.

When gullies are blocked, they become significant problems that can affect properties and public roads. This is when it becomes a public safety risk when there are flooding hazards. At RWB Group, we understand the importance of regularly maintaining gullies as it keeps the public safe and also the highways running without disruption.

Utilising the Latest Gully Cleaning Equipment

As market-leading drainage and sewage specialists, we understand that getting the job done correctly requires using the right tools.

We invest in high-tech gully cleaning equipment such as specialist gully tankers for liquid water removal and high-powered drain jetters for effectively removing blockages in gullies.

By using commercially proven technology and tools, we can continue to maintain our high level of service for every cleaning job and uphold our high standards for maintenance.

Our engineers are qualified and fully trained in using specialist gully cleaning equipment, so we can take on gully cleaning requirements of all sizes.

How We Use It

At RWB Group, we use our specialised equipment in order to provide gully cleaning and clearance services to help water become free-flowing again. Whether the blockage is caused by a build-up of fat, grease, or oil, we can use our high-powered jetting tools to remove even the toughest blockages.

For problems with debris blockages, we can use our state-of-the-art gully tankers to vacuum the debris to remove the blockage.

Why Choose RWB Group UK?

Utilising innovative technology and equipment, we equip our specialists with the best tools so that we can consistently provide a top-quality gully cleaning service. We use high-powered jetting equipment for the removal of blockages in gullies and we also have gully tankers for larger problems.

RWB Group heavily invests in staff and as a result, we have the capacity and expertise to manage and fulfil gully maintenance projects across the UK. Our gully cleaning and maintenance services also cover planned or reactive maintenance depending on your requirements. In order to provide innovative solutions that are tailored to your project requirements, our gully cleaning services are shaped to your needs.

We’re proud of our passionate work ethic and the high level of expertise that our engineers display. If you require gully cleaning services for a public road or highway, get in touch with RWB Group to discuss your requirements.

Contact RWB Group for Highway Gully Cleaning Services

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