GPS Inventory Surveys

RWB Group is RISQS and OHSAS, ISO accredited company.

GPS Satellite Asset Mapping

RWB Group UK provides extremely accurate GPS satellite asset mapping of your utility inventory. We create geographical data you can trust, capturing the precise information you need for computer-based mapping systems that manage electric, water, sewage, gas, oil, and telecoms utilities.

Our surveyors collect mapping-grade GPS field data in a cost-effective and timely manner. We accurately acquire geographical coordinates to meet your organisation’s spatial data needs, with more than a decade of experience working with complex utility systems, such as those used in electrical distribution systems or telecommunications. Our GPS data can be used to create accurate GIS base maps for small, mid, and large-size projects.

GPS Inventory Services Include?

Our GPS mapping and inventory services include:

  • Pre-construction GPS data collection
  • Underground infrastructure location
  • Well site location
  • Wastewater, water, gas, and electric mapping
  • Mapping utility assets subsurface and above ground with high-accuracy
  • Map the location of electricity lines, gas lines, manholes, transformers, and fibre optics
  • User-friendly and shareable GIS files and PDF map reports
GPS-Ground-penetrating radar

The Benefits Of GPS Inventory Mapping

GPS inventory mapping can help your company or organization in a number of ways. Your business and teams will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced overheads and costs – An affordable solution that presents GPS data when you need it, in the office or in the field
  • Increased accuracy – Correction of existing data, filling in missing data, and solving data discrepancies
  • Standardized methodology – Reduces human and topological errors
  • Full data ownership – You own all collected GPS data
  • Scalability – Scale up or scale down your GPS mapping needs
  • Customized solutions – For your maintenance and support teams

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Satellite Asset Mapping

RWB is an OHSAS, ISO, RISQS accredited company. We adhere to all industry standards, compliance laws, and safety regulations. We were established in 2010 and have built an extensive portfolio of ongoing contracts and satisfied customers.

To discuss utility mapping with our support team, please contact our national telephone number on 0800 488 0658.

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