Watercourse Maintenance

RWB is an Environment (Registered waste carrier and broker)
& OHSAS, ISO accredited company.

Watercourse Services Throughout The UK.

RWB is a flood risk consultant and watercourse maintenance company working with developers, architects, local water authorities, and landowners. We deliver tailored watercourse maintenance programs and conduct Flood Risk Assessments (FRA).

A flood risk assessment is needed if a development is proposed to be within flood zones or twenty metres of an Environment Agency river. An FRA might also be required when there is a change of use of a development in a flood zone, such as commercial to residential conversion, where occupants could be affected by flooding sources other than the sea or rivers, such as reservoirs and surface water drains.

Reduce The Risk of Flooding

A flood risk assessment has two objectives. The first is to assess if the development proposal is safe for its lifetime. The second ascertains if the request provides sustainable benefits to the area.

he review also highlights if the project might unintentionally create a flooding risk for neighbouring areas and outlines the plan of what people will do if flooding occurs and how they might interact with floodwater. Varying degrees of detail can be wrapped up in the service and might include:

  • A flood map showing flood zones, storage and defence areas, and areas benefiting from flood defences
  • Basic Flood Risk Assessment Map with modelled flood levels and statutory main river designations
  • Detailed Flood Risk Assessment Map outlining historic flood events, computer river models, and flood flows
  • Flood modelling and hydrology reports
  • Flood Defence Breach Hazard Map showing maximum flood depths and flood velocity

Pricing reflects the complexity of the project, along with the amount of third-party data that is already available, such as hydraulic modelling and topographical data.

The FRA forms part of a planning application for proposed development sites in flood zones. It identifies how floodwater will interact with the site, showing the risk of flooding from rivers (fluvial), groundwater, surface water (pluvial), sewers, and coastal estuaries (tidal).

The report shows if the development poses a flooding risk to nearby areas and is almost always needed in flood zone areas where the Environment Agency has identified critical drainage problems.


River Bank & Watercourse Maintenance


If your business, house, or land is adjacent to a stream, ditch, or river, you are a Riparian Owner and have rights and responsibilities associated with this. You could face legal action if you don’t fulfil your obligations, hence watercourse maintenance is vital. Your responsibilities include ensuring water flows freely without obstruction, diversion, or pollution. You are required to maintain the bed and banks of the watercourse along with any flood defences that exist. Our watercourse maintenance services include:

  • Natural debris and litter removal
  • De-silting and dredging
  • Reactive and proactive shrub and tree management
  • Vegetation management
  • Action to maintain the free flow of the watercourses
  • Canal, culverts and riverbed cleaning

RWB Group is skilled and experienced in working with treatment plants, hydraulic systems, brickwork, masonry, and maintaining and upgrading dykes.

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RWB Group is an Environment (Registered waste carrier and broker) and OHSAS, ISO accredited company. We adhere to all industry standards, compliance laws, and safety regulations. We were established in 2010 and have built an extensive portfolio of ongoing watercourse services contracts and satisfied customers throughout the UK.

To discuss watercourse maintenance and reduce the risk of flooding with our support team, please contact our national telephone number on 0800 488 0658.

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