Equality & Diversity Policy

We are an equal-opportunities employer and proudly welcome a diverse workforce.

Equality and Diversity Policy


At RWB Group UK, we are committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion within our organization. This Equality and Diversity Policy outlines our commitment to fostering a working environment where everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, regardless of their protected characteristics. We believe that embracing diversity and promoting equality enhances our creativity, innovation, and overall success.

Policy Statement

  1. RWB Group UK is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees, job applicants, clients, and stakeholders, irrespective of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.
  2. We believe in treating all individuals with dignity, respect, and fairness, valuing their diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions.
  3. We are committed to eliminating discrimination, harassment, victimization, and any other form of unfair treatment or disadvantage based on protected characteristics.
  4. Our policy applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, selection, training, development, promotion, and termination.


  1. Senior Management: The senior management team at RWB Group UK is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation and monitoring of this Equality and Diversity Policy. They will allocate necessary resources, provide leadership, and set an example for promoting equality and embracing diversity.
  2. Managers and Supervisors: Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to implement and promote this policy within their respective teams. They should ensure that all team members understand the policy, receive appropriate training, and are encouraged to uphold equality and diversity principles.
  3. Employees: All employees are accountable for their behaviour and actions, and must treat their colleagues, clients, and stakeholders with respect and fairness. They should report any incidents of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment to the appropriate channels.

Recruitment and Selection

  1. RWB Group UK is committed to attracting and recruiting a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We will ensure that our recruitment and selection processes are fair, transparent, and free from bias.
  2. Selection decisions will be based on merit, skills, qualifications, and relevant experience, without any unlawful discrimination.
  3. Reasonable adjustments will be made for applicants with disabilities to enable them to participate fully in the recruitment process.

Training and Development

  1. We recognize the importance of training and development in promoting equality and diversity. We will provide employees with appropriate training and development opportunities to enhance their understanding of equality issues, diversity awareness, and inclusive practices.
  2. Training will be tailored to specific roles and responsibilities, promoting a culture of inclusivity, respect, and fairness.

Harassment and Discrimination

  1. RWB Group UK does not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, or victimization. Such behaviour is considered a serious violation of our policy and will be dealt with promptly and appropriately.
  2. All employees have a responsibility to treat others with respect and dignity, and to report any incidents of harassment, discrimination, or victimization they witness or experience.
  3. Complaints will be handled promptly, impartially, and confidentially. Investigations will be conducted in accordance with our procedures, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken if allegations are substantiated.

Promotion and Career Development

  1. RWB Group UK is committed to providing equal opportunities for career progression and advancement. Promotions, career development, and training opportunities will be based on merit, skills, qualifications, and performance, without any form of discrimination.
  2. We will actively encourage underrepresented groups to apply for internal career advancement opportunities, and ensure that our selection processes are fair, transparent, and bias-free.

Monitoring and Review

  1. We will monitor and review our equality and diversity practices and policies regularly to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with legal requirements.
  2. Data will be collected and analyzed to monitor the composition of our workforce and identify any areas where underrepresentation or disparities may exist.
  3. Feedback from employees, clients, and stakeholders will be sought to evaluate the impact of our policies and identify areas for improvement.

Communication and Awareness

  1. We will promote awareness and understanding of this Equality and Diversity Policy through regular communication channels, including employee handbooks, intranet, training programs, and team meetings.
  2. Employees, clients, and stakeholders will be encouraged to actively participate in initiatives that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Date: 6th March 2023

Signed: Managing Director

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