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Environmental Consulting and Field Studies

RWB Group provides a full range of ecological surveys and ecology services and environmental consulting services to support development projects, land management activities, and conservation efforts.

Biological Surveys

We conduct biological surveys and assessments to inventory plant and animal species on your property. Our biologists are trained to identify species and document their presence according to the proper protocols.

Wetland Delineation and Permitting

Need to determine if your project site contains wetlands? We perform wetland delineations and jurisdictional determinations. We can also assist with local, state and federal wetland permitting.

Habitat Assessment

Our team assesses wildlife habitat conditions and makes recommendations for habitat enhancement or mitigation. We evaluate the potential impact of projects and activities on sensitive habitats.

Biological Monitoring

We provide on-site biological monitoring during construction to ensure compliance with environmental permits and regulations. Our staff oversees any required mitigation or restoration work.

Ecology Surveys

GIS Mapping and Analysis

Habitat Mapping – Using aerial imagery and field data, we map vegetation communities, wetlands, critical habitats and species occurrence. This informs conservation priorities.

Infrastructure Mapping – We map proposed and existing infrastructure like buildings, roads, utilities to minimize environmental impacts during planning reviews.

Hydrological Mapping – Maps of watersheds, floodplains, groundwater resources etc. aid in assessing hydraulic connections and vulnerabilities to climate change.

Contaminated Sites Assessment

For brownfield or contaminated sites, we conduct Phase 1 and Phase 2 assessments, develop remediation plans, and provide clearance certifications.

With extensive experience assessing and remediating all major contaminant types, we deliver timely, cost-effective solutions to help clients unlock the development potential of brownfield properties and planning.

Sustainability and Regeneration Consulting

We provide consulting services focused on regenerative approaches to enhance ecological integrity and long-term sustainability of land use.

Implementation Planning – For clients seeking to transition land management or development, we create implementation plans outlining phased actions, timelines, budgets and measurable goals for improving ecological function over time.

A Path to a Green and Ecology Brighter Future