Drainage Repairs for Insurance Companies

We provide comprehensive drainage insurance repairs for your property.

What are Drainage Insurance Repairs?

At RWB Group UK, we understand that when it comes to properties, one of the most important aspects that can determine their safety, value, and comfort is efficient drainage. This is especially true for insurance companies that ensure the integrity of various properties under their coverage.

We are proud to offer specialist investigations, repair, and renewal services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the insurance industry, as well as commercial and domestic clients.

Our Drainage Services for Insurance Companies

Having access to a trusted drainage repair company such as RWB Group UK can work wonders in mitigating the damage a faulty drain can cause to your home.

Fast response times and thorough service is what we pride ourselves on, meaning that not only will your issue be remedied but we will also put prevention measures in place to ensure that the same issues will not happen again.

Comprehensive and Thorough Service

At RWB Group UK, we believe in a comprehensive approach. Our service goes beyond merely fixing the immediate issue. We conduct thorough investigations to understand the root cause of the problems and provide a complete solution. This includes repairing the existing damage, improving the overall condition of the drainage system, and predicting potential future issues.

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Image of a engineers conducting CCTV drain survey

Specialist Drainage Investigations

Our expert team at RWB Group UK conducts detailed and comprehensive drainage investigations using state-of-the-art technology. We identify the source of existing problems and anticipate potential future issues, providing insurance companies with a clear and complete understanding of the condition of the drainage system.

Enabling Effective Action

By providing a clear understanding of the state of the drainage system, our investigations enable insurance companies to take effective and proactive action. With our detailed analysis and recommendations, insurers can confidently approve necessary repair or renewal work, ensuring both the satisfaction of their policyholders and the maintenance of their property portfolio’s value.

At RWB Group UK, we believe in providing thorough, accurate, and transparent service. Our specialist drainage investigations are a testament to this belief, as we strive to provide our clients with the information and services they need to protect their investments and maintain the integrity of their drainage systems.

Drainage Repair and Renewal Services

At RWB Group UK, we are not just about identifying problems. We are also about providing solutions. Our repair and renewal services are aimed at restoring the functionality and efficiency of the drainage system.

We utilise the latest techniques and high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Whether it’s a minor repair or a major renewal project, our team is equipped to handle it promptly and effectively, causing minimal disruption to the property and its occupants.

We understand how crucial it is for insurance companies to maintain the value of the properties they insure. Therefore, our services are designed to help safeguard this value and avoid costly future repairs.

Engineer carrying out Patch lining repair.

Types of Claims we Specialise in


As specialists in drainage repairs and services, RWB Group UK commonly deals with a wide range of drainage-related insurance claim repairs. Using our CCTV survey technology, our drainage engineers will identify the conditions of your drainage systems and we can detect any problems or areas of weakness.


Wastewater issues may arise due to a blockage somewhere within the drainage system and can be easily identified due to the presence of sludge or grease in or around the drainage area. We investigate wastewater issues with CCTV surveying equipment which gives our engineers a live feed of your drainage system allowing for any faults or blockages to be easily found.

Clean Water

Issues within your drainage system can lead to problems with your clean water supply. Minor leaks can lead to pollutants and contamination in the water which could pose a health hazard to anyone that consumes it. When you suspect that your water may not be entirely clean, our experts are on hand to provide advice.

Cesspit & Septic Tanks

RWB Group UK offers expert assistance in conducting septic tank inspections for insurance claims. Our detailed inspection reports can be a crucial part of claim processing, helping insurance companies accurately determine the extent of the damage and the necessary repairs.

We’re committed to providing swift, comprehensive, and reliable septic tank inspections, helping insurance companies offer prompt and effective solutions to their policyholders.

Why Choose RWB Group?

While we offer specialised services for the insurance industry, we also cater to commercial and domestic clients. We recognise that every client, every property, and every drainage system has unique needs.

Therefore, we customise our services according to the specific requirements and circumstances of each project.

We work closely with our clients, providing regular updates, professional advice, and exceptional customer service. We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and building long-term relationships based on trust and excellent service.

Serving Insurance Industry and Beyond

We are devoted to providing the highest level of drainage insurance repair services. As market leaders within the sector, we hold our quality and passion as our greatest assets.

We highly value our relationship with our clients and work hard to provide them with the right bespoke solutions every time. Anything less would go against our ethos.

With years of experience, a team of certified professionals, and a reputation for excellence, RWB Group UK is your best choice for drainage repair and renewal services.

We understand the challenges and complexities that come with drainage problems. We are here to take those troubles off your shoulders, providing you with reliable, effective, and efficient solutions.

Trust RWB Group UK for all your drainage repair needs. Contact us today, and let us provide you with the excellent service that our insurance industry, commercial, and domestic clients have come to rely on.


Contact RWB Group UK for Drainage Insurance Repairs

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