Drainage Investigation & Mainline Surveys

Advanced technology makes it easy to inspect sewers.

CCTV Pipeline Surveys

RWB works with a variety of businesses and organisations across many sectors allowing them to manage their asset through CCTV pipeline and float surveys effectively. We work with local authorities, highway authorities, utility companies, and a broad range of commercial and industrial companies.

We give you a clear understanding of your private, public, and sewers drainage assets’ condition with vital information, such as the location and depth of your pipelines. When you need to reduce or prevent flooding damage to your company or the surrounding environment, it is essential to get the right diagnosis so you can take action and choose the right solution.

Sewer Network Asset

CCTV pipeline and innovative directional float system for culverts and large diameter pipes are to spot defects and detect problems in the pipe condition that poses a risk. We recommend remedial or recovery actions to take with our detailed asset risk scoring, based on the survey data.

RWB Group can conduct surveys on private, public, and sewers drainage pipelines that are difficult to access or reach.

Our interactive float CCTV surveys take care of larger assets such as sewer pipelines and culverts. Wherever pipes are difficult to access, our surveys prevent expensive investigations and disruptions associated with trial dig-ups. Using cutting-edge systems, our CCTV robotic cameras, mounted on mobile pipeline inspection vehicles, collect accurate high-quality data.

Our CCTV pipeline inspection vehicles capture inspection footage using high-resolution digital technology, with enhanced visibility through tilt, pan, and zoom. We make CCTV surveys of manholes, culverts, and sewerage chambers effortless

RWB mapping team uses various techniques to carry out underground surveys. These techniques and equipment support us in locating sewers, culverts, underground streams, and much more.

Our engineers can record drainage sewer networks back to the connection point through the public main sewer or with the point of outfall allowing us to trace a single line or to scanning and mapping the entire site.


CCTV Inspection Services Include:


When RWB Group performs CCTV and pipeline surveys, you avoid expensive excavations trying to locate a fault.

Our service identifies which pipes need cleaning and when so that effective flood prevention programs can be implemented. Our detailed reports can further be used to schedule repair programs.

We can even offer you professional utility GNSS, GIS,  GPS, Sonar surveys, and laser profiling of a drainage system. These techniques and equipment support us in locating all known pipes, services, cable runs, and identifying unexpected void areas.

The features and benefits we cover include 

• Handover surveying

• DDMS Surveys

• Laser profiling

• Float system for culverts and large diameter pipes

• Survey from one access point using remote-controlled technology

• Inspect every inch of the channel, no matter how inaccessible it may seem

• Locate buried manhole chambers

• Combined man and float-through surveys

• Trace and survey buried pipelines from above ground

• Surveys conducted with explosion-proof cameras

• Inspections carried out without the need to manage the flow of water

Our CCTV Drain Surveys

With our CCTV drain surveys, we’ve invested in the latest technology in order to provide the most accurate and comprehensive drainage reports on your drainage systems. Our innovative technology enables a small drainage camera to be fed through the entire drainage network, enabling our engineers to capture high-resolution information above ground. As we use CCTV technology for our surveys, we can effectively analyse and identify the conditions of your pipes in order to determine if there are problems or defects.

Why We Use CCTV Technology

At RWB Group, we use CCTV camera technology when carrying out drain surveys as it’s a safer and easier method than traditional drainage surveys. With high-tech cameras that can be lowered into drainage systems, no excavation or digging is required in order to access these drain points. This means that our engineers will be safe above ground and you’ll also benefit from high-quality data due to the high-resolution footage recorded.

Our cameras feature a pan and zoom feature which enables us to thoroughly inspect all angles of your drainage pipes. Once the inspection has been completed, we structurally grade your pipes and produce in-depth drainage reports. Being able to record video footage of the interior of your pipes means that you’ll always have a reference for the conditions of your drains.

Engineers Conducting CCTV Drainage Survey
cctv sewer survey

Why Choose RWB Group?

Utilising the latest CCTV technology for our drainage surveying and mapping services, RWB Group UK provides accurate and comprehensive drainage survey reports and condition analysis for your drainage systems.

Our processes have been developed to ensure safety for our engineers, but also for collecting quality data in a convenient and less disruptive way. Our specialist drainage engineers will be able to determine the conditions of your drains with CCTV camera technology, meaning no need for digging or excavating.

Upon completion of the drainage survey, we’ll produce comprehensive reports that tell you everything you need to know about your drains. This information is essential if you’re planning on development work for your premises.

When you choose RWB Group for a CCTV drain survey, you not only benefit from experienced engineers with specialist knowledge in drainage, you’ll also benefit from the highest level of service and quality data to help you make informed decisions.

Highway & DDMS Survey Services

At RWB Group, we provide DDMS surveys and highway maintenance services across the UK. By investing in the latest technology, we offer comprehensive drainage data management system services that are bespoke to your project requirements. Get accurate and in-depth data for your drainage systems and learn more about our DDMS surveys click here.

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RWB  is an OHSAS, and ISO, accredited company. We adhere to all industry standards, compliance laws, and safety regulations. We were established in 2010 and have built an extensive portfolio of contracts and satisfied customers.

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