Drainage Insurance Claims Management

Secure your property and gain peace of mind with our specialist drainage insurance claims management service.

What is Insurance Claims Management?

In the unfortunate event that your property or premise experiences a drainage issue that leads to damage, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be covered. That’s where RWB Group’s drainage insurance claim management service can help you.

When you need to make a claim, many insurance companies often require you to provide a variety of information on the circumstances leading to the damage and sometimes, it’s information that you do not have access to or may be aware of. In instances like these, our specialist claims management division at RWB Group can provide end-to-end claims management to help you resolve your issue. We can deal with the claim in your place, liaise with the insurance companies, and provide them with the answers that they are looking for.

By allowing our team to handle your drainage claim, you’ll benefit from a convenient and simple claims process while minimising delays to your repairs.

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Our Insurance Claims Management Service

Drainage issues can cause considerable damage to properties. Depending on the type of damage, it can make property repairs very difficult without the right financing or skilled drainage specialists to take on the job.

Insurance brokers often require a large amount of information about the issue before a settlement is even considered. Ensuring that they have access to the information required can speed up the process considerably. At RWB Group, our specialist drainage claims management team have extensive experience in managing a wide range of drainage insurance claims, making the transferal of information and paperwork substantially more straightforward.


Types of Drainage Claims We Help With


The most common type of claim we deal with usually originates from a drainage issue. In response to this issue, we would use our CCTV survey process which will identify the conditions of the drains and we can determine if there are areas of weakness within the system.


If you find that your property has been affected by a wastewater issue or a blockage, it needs to be remediated to avoid causing further damage to your property. If addressed within a claim, our wastewater repair specialists can effectively unblock and dispose of the offending substance within your insurance service.

Clean Water

Clean water claims are also relatively common. It only takes a small amount of contamination to impact the quality of drinking water. This can potentially escalate into a major issue which is why dealing with it early on is vital. We use our CCTV survey process to check the structural integrity of your piping while providing bespoke remediation solutions if we detect issues.

Our Claims Management Process

1. Upon receiving your call, we will visit your property to assess the damage, collect required information about the property and derive a bespoke solution based on the circumstances.

2. We will begin the repairs process in order to restore functionality to your property as soon as possible, all whilst regularly liaising with your insurance company to ensure your claim is progressing.

3. Ahead of the final settlement, we will forward all required paperwork to any third parties involved in the process (estate agents, brokers, etc) giving them a single point of contact for your claim.

Gathering Qualitative Data

At RWB Group, we believe that having comprehensive data is vital for the success of any drainage claims. Through the use of our innovative technological tools, we collect accurate data on piping allowing for a streamlined claims process.

We use technology primarily as a way to collect data that we may otherwise struggle to obtain about the drainage infrastructure. An example of this would be in locations where our drainage engineers would be unable to reach safely.


Why Choose RWB Group?

We are proud to be one of the UK industry leaders within the insurance claims management sector and we work to uphold the highest quality of service.

Our passion for delivering the epitome of what is offered within the industry stems from our client-centric approach and dedication to providing bespoke claims solutions.

This combination of expertise within the industry allows us to provide comprehensive end-to-end claims handling,

As our sector has developed over the last several decades, so has our service portfolio and we are honoured to be able to offer a wide range of services to fit the needs of our clients to provide peace of mind, with as little disruption along the way.

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