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Drain Cleaning Industry Trends of 2020

Here at RWB Group, we use the latest technology to prevent drains from blocking and when they do, we have appropriate tools to deal with them. There are many pieces of drainage technology that cleans drains, this allows our engineers at RWB Group to assess which one is best for our client’s drains.

Technology to keep Waste Flowing

The issue of wastewater is how we deal with it safely and effectively which is shown in the world’s major cities. Especially those that that have difficulty predicting rainfall levels, high population and an old drain system. London is an ideal example of this, properties frequently need drain cleaning services to fight against blockages in drains and sewers which are stretching the drain network to its limit.

Drain Jetting

This type of technology has revolutionised the drainage cleaning industry. The transition between a drainage engineer poking a long stick down a drain, that method is still in use today and still effective. However, drain jetting blows the original method out of the water. Drain jetting is an increasingly common method now which uses a jet that shoots water down the drain at extremely high pressures. This normally is what you can use to break through anything that’s blocking the drain. This will get the drain back running to full capacity and free up the stress the drainage system was under. Rodding can also leave remains that could create another blockage occurring.

Smart Drains

Smart Drains are the real future of drainage cleaning. The thought behind smart drains is to act before the blockage gets out of hand and disrupts the whole drainage system. A smart drain monitors the flowrate to alert when there is an abnormality. This prevents inconveniences caused by unexpected drain blockages because it solves the root problem without it branching out affecting other systems. The smart drain era could be the real big surprise in 2020.

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