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What is a DDMS Survey?

A DDMS survey or drainage data management system survey (which used to be called HADDMS) is a key procedure that is carried out if there is a suspected blockage in the sewage systems or piping. Essentially, it’s an investigation around the sewage system in order to find any potential weaknesses that could lead to blockages or flooding. It’s also used to detect if blockages or flooding is already present.

This process is carried out using a range of high-tech smart drainage information management equipment such as our remote CCTV survey robots that can be driven into areas that are too small for a regular person to enter. Using this GIS Smart Drainage information management technology, our team receives a live feed from the outside and this added flexibility enables our team to thoroughly inspect the conditions of the drainage systems without even needing to enter or dig up the area.

What Do Our DDMS Surveys Involve?

We understand that every project is unique with different requirements and that is why RWB Group UK offers comprehensive drainage data management system surveying services. As we invest in the latest technology, our DDMS and DIM services provide in-depth and accurate data about your drainage systems.

Find out which services are right for you by looking at our areas of expertise below:

  • CCTV Pipework Surveys
  • Asset Condition and Connectivity Survey
  • Smart Drainage Information Management
  • Geometric Pipework Surveys with Laser Profilers
  • Manhole Laser Scanning
Image of a drainage engineer carrying out a culvert inspection with a robotic crawler.

Understanding the Importance of DDMS

When a drainage or sewage system is regularly used, signs of wear and tear may start to show. This is where regular drain inspection and maintenance is essential for keeping the drains flowing smoothly. When sewage systems are well built and properly maintained, they can last decades at a time. However, when a sewage system isn’t maintained, it will be more prone to blockages, piping damage or even flooding.

There can be a variety of reasons as to why your sewage system may start to fail. It could be due to wear and tear, an accumulation of foreign substances or in some cases, extreme weather like heavy rainfall.

Drainage Data Management System Surveys

The benefits of getting your drainage system surveyed by our team at RWB Group.

  • Receive accurate and vital information
  • Prevent expensive future repairs
  • Deliver comprehensive reports
  • Access to an established team of surveying professionals
  • Address potential drainage issues early on

Our Processes

Get a quote from our expert team and arrange an appointment with one of our DDMS surveying specialists if you have a drainage or sewage project.

Our team carries out DDMS and DIM surveys on drainage sewer systems looking for any issues or potential areas of weakness that could lead to larger and more costly issues. We’ll carry out a thorough inspection of your systems in order to identify and determine possible faults.

Based on the results of the last step, our experts will then present you with the results of the survey and run through the recommended remediation solutions.

We understand the value of technology as it helps us to provide the highest quality of service.

When drainage systems fail, they become a significant problem and can affect anyone using the property. They can also be quite costly to remedy once issues begin to persist and build up. As sewage systems often have limited access, it can be difficult to identify and diagnose issues without digging the area to inspect the pipes.

That’s where our DDMS surveying services can help. Using the latest technology, our surveying services are tailored to these scenarios and can provide an accurate diagnosis of potential concerns before they become problems.

The Importance of Technology

When carrying out work on a client’s drainage systems, we don’t always have the space to manoeuvre as we’d like. In instances like these, we employ some of our more complex technological tools.

Our Ground Penetrating Radar equipment enables us to reflect radar pulses underground, making it extremely useful and convenient for identifying the underground services.

We also use CCTV survey robots which deliver a live feed of your sewage system in high resolution, ensuring that our team has access to all the information they would have if they were there in person.

In order to check the conditions of the drainage systems and identify any structural damage or wear within the piping, we can use a variety of methodologies depending on your needs.

We can also use laser profilers which record and capture the structural intensity of a surface. Through the use of our technology, we are able to provide high-quality services even in locations with limited access.

Large image of CTV Drain Surveys.
Large image of CTV Drain Surveys.

Why Choose RWB Group UK?

Our DDMS surveys are bespoke to your needs and shaped to produce the most accurate results culminating in the production of detailed reports and drawings.

Our team is completely transparent and will discuss the next steps, solutions or any areas of concern with you in a way that will allow you to make your informed decisions.

We pride ourselves on our passionate work ethic and the level of expertise that our engineers demonstrate, allowing us to form long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

This enables us to provide the highest level of service to our clients and it also helps us to stay at the forefront of this industry.

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RWB Group engineers work on various types of businesses and organisations across the UK, delivering bespoke surveys for architects, builders, developers, local authorities, construction companies, and public sector that require to know the condition of their assets.

The equipment that RWB Group have invested in from iTouch Systems allows our engineers to complete surveys and deliver reports directly from site, enabling the client to receive the report on a same day turnaround. This allows RWB Group UK to stay at the forefront of our industry. Being able to deliver detailed reports and accurate data allows the company to make leaps and bounds in innovation and solutions in today’s demanding environment.

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