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New utility mapping equipment for RWB Group PLC.

RWB Group PLC Explores The Latest In Utility Mapping Technologies With Radiodetection

RWB Group PLC, known for its commitment to investing in advanced technology to ensure optimal client results, recently had the opportunity to explore the latest addition to Radiodetection’s equipment line, the RD8200SG.The Bristol-based company, took the initiative to introduce their trailblazing technology to RWB Group PLC. By engaging with such advanced and innovative technology,…

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RWB Group project with traffic management.

RWB Group PLC Successfully Completes 13 Projects in Staffordshire

RWB Group PLC, an established Utility, Drainage, Surveying, Wastewater Solutions specialist, has recently announced the successful completion of 13 substantial projects at several locations across Staffordshire. These projects were completed for the award-winning civil engineering and building company.RWB Group PLC’s commercial survey team was entrusted to perform comprehensive manhole surveys, which included all property, lateral connections, traps, gullies,…

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Image of a water control structure.

The Importance of Isolating Water Control Structures for Efficient Resource Management

Water management. It's a vital task. A task that regulates the flow and use of water, ensuring its optimal utilization and preserving its quality. Now imagine playing a symphony. The conductor is you, and the instruments are water control structures. These structures orchestrate the stream of water, much like how a conductor coordinates the musical…

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