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Image of a water control structure.

The Importance of Isolating Water Control Structures for Efficient Resource Management

Water management. It's a vital task. A task that regulates the flow and use of water, ensuring its optimal utilization and preserving its quality. Now imagine playing a symphony. The conductor is you, and the instruments are water control structures. These structures orchestrate the stream of water, much like how a conductor coordinates the musical…

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Stormwater Management

Significance of Stormwater Management in Protecting the Environment

Stormwater management is the process of controlling and managing water that runs off from rain or melting snow. It is a way to reduce the amount of runoff and protect the environment from the potential damage that can be caused by stormwater. There are many benefits to stormwater management, including reducing flooding, protecting against erosion,…

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GPS Mapping

The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Drainage Systems

Seascape change is inevitable. As the salt water rises, sea level rise has significant implications for coastal areas. It increases the rate at which groundwater is being pulled into the ground by gravity, threatening to further degrade groundwater quality and cause saltwater intrusion in drinking water aquifers. Increased erosion, flooding and impact on infrastructures such…

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