TechnologySeptember 15, 2019by admin_rwbgroup‘Big Carl’ The World’s Largest Crane

The world’s largest crane called Big Carl has started work on the Hinkley Point nuclear power station site. It’s named after Carl Sarens who is the father of the Belgian family business that made it.

Big Carl is a 250m tall crane that has been developed to support the growth of modularisation in big construction.

Now the tallest man-made structure in the west country, it will be on site for the next four years and lift over 700 pieces of prefabrication including the heaviest components for the reactor buildings.


The Dimensions of Big Carl:

  • The crane is 250m tall at it’s highest.
  • It’s capable of lifting 5,000 tonnes, at a radius of 40m
  • Its powered by 12 engines
  • It’s supported by 52 counterweight containers. Each container weighs 100 tonnes each.
  • The crane runs on 96 individual wheels.