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Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy Summary


At RWB Group UK, we are dedicated to conducting business with uncompromising integrity, transparency, and adherence to all relevant laws and regulations. This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy delineates our firm commitment to preventing bribery and corruption in every facet of our operations, both domestically and internationally. We firmly assert that bribery and corruption undermine trust, impede economic progress, and subvert fair competition. We expect all employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners to uphold the highest standards of ethics and comply with this policy.

Policy Statement:

RWB Group UK maintains a zero-tolerance stance towards bribery and corruption, whether within our organization or concerning our business dealings. We are resolutely committed to abiding by all pertinent laws and regulations concerning anti-bribery and corruption, including the UK Bribery Act 2010 and other applicable legislation. We unequivocally prohibit all forms of bribery, encompassing offering, giving, receiving, soliciting, or accepting bribes, whether directly or indirectly, in any manifestation. This policy is applicable to all individuals acting on behalf of RWB Group UK, including employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners.


Bribery: Bribery denotes the provision, receipt, solicitation, or acceptance of anything of value, directly or indirectly, to improperly influence the decisions or actions of individuals in positions of trust.

Corrupt Practices: Corrupt practices encompass any dishonest or unethical conduct aimed at securing personal or business advantages through abuse of power, deceit, or fraudulent activities.


Senior Management: The senior management team at RWB Group UK is tasked with implementing and upholding effective anti-bribery and corruption measures. They will furnish leadership, allocate essential resources, and ensure widespread comprehension of this policy throughout the organization.

Employees: All employees bear the duty of acquainting themselves with this policy, adhering to its tenets, and promptly reporting any suspicions or concerns regarding potential incidents of bribery or corruption to the designated contact point.

Contractors, Suppliers, and Business Partners: We anticipate full adherence to the anti-bribery and corruption principles outlined in this policy from our contractors, suppliers, and business partners. We will engage with them to evaluate their compliance with anti-bribery laws and encourage the implementation of effective preventative measures against bribery and corruption within their own operations.

Guidelines and Procedures:

Gifts, Hospitality, and Entertainment: Acceptance or provision of gifts, hospitality, or entertainment must align with our Gifts and Hospitality Policy and pertinent laws and regulations. These gestures should never be leveraged for influencing or gaining improper advantages.

Due Diligence: Thorough due diligence will be conducted on employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners to evaluate their integrity, reputation, and adherence to anti-bribery and corruption laws. This may involve background checks, reference verifications, and ongoing monitoring.

Financial Controls: We will maintain stringent financial controls to ensure transparency and accountability in all financial transactions. Payments must be duly authorized, accurately documented, and substantiated by legitimate records.

Reporting and Whistleblowing: We have established a confidential reporting mechanism enabling employees, contractors, suppliers, and stakeholders to report suspicions or concerns regarding potential bribery or corruption. Reports can be made without fear of reprisal, and appropriate measures will be undertaken based on the findings.

Training and Awareness: Comprehensive training and awareness programs will be provided to employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners to enhance their understanding of the risks and repercussions of bribery and corruption. The training will encompass relevant laws, policies, procedures, and ethical decision-making processes.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Non-compliance with this Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy may lead to disciplinary measures, including potential termination of employment or contracts. Legal and regulatory ramifications may also ensue. Employees found culpable of bribery or corruption may face legal proceedings, resulting in fines, imprisonment, or both.

Monitoring and Review:

We will routinely monitor and evaluate the efficacy of this policy and associated procedures to ensure alignment with legal prerequisites and industry best practices. Internal audits and risk assessments will be conducted to identify and mitigate bribery and corruption risks within our operations and supply chains.