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Our History

Established in 2002, RWB has a sterling reputation for providing specialized nationwide services including inspection, surveying, flood response, drainage repairs, and environmental services

In 2010, the company rebranded as RWB Group UK, headquartered in the Midlands and a regional office in the South East of England.

Services and Expertise

RWB Group UK is renowned for its dedication to innovation, operational efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

As an umbrella organization, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its esteemed clientele. Delivering top-tier solutions on a nationwide scale.

Nationwide Support

RWB Group’s strategic approach to customer service extends to their operational setup.

By offering 24/7 nationwide support and strategically locating their facilities near major motorways, RWB Group ensures quick emergency response and efficient assistance to clients.

The proximity to key transportation routes not only facilitates rapid deployment but also enables prompt service delivery in critical situations.

Their focus on accessibility and responsiveness makes RWB Group a reliable partner for immediate support across the country.

Staff Training & Development

With 250+ dedicated employees, RWB Group UK prioritizes exceeding client expectations through staff training and development, ensuring a skilled workforce capable of delivering exceptional service.

This commitment to talent nurture and continuous learning sets them apart, fostering a culture of excellence within the organization.

What we offer Nationwide

Empowering Industries with Complete Solutions: Drainage, Surveying, Water Management, Remediation

RWB People Are The Heart Of Our Business.

At RWB Group, our people are at the core of our business. Their dedication and expertise enable us to deliver exceptional services and surpass client expectations.
We value the skills and commitment of each team member, empowering them to thrive in a supportive environment.
By investing in our people and fostering a culture of growth, we ensure that our employees can reach their full potential and drive our success.